Amedaka: When the Clock Strikes Midnight

“As your friends liked to remind you in the schoolyard, you grew up in a very special house. A mysterious house in which your parents had set up a very secret game room. Since you were little, at each of your birthday, your toys were scared to be abandoned. You’ve therefore got the habit of reassuring them to avoid that they would turn into little monsters. Today is your birthday, and you do not have much time to reassure them. Actually, you have only one hour left before your birthday is over! If you do not reassure them in time, they might be mad at you for quite a long time.”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Don’t let the appearances fool you: despite its childish theme, this room is intended to be played primarily by grown-ups, as it is not an easy stroll! You can still bring your children come play with you, as it is not scary at all, contrarily what you might think when reading the introduction text. The searching is especially challenging, so bring your hawk eyes! Several lovable manipulations are sure to make you fall back in childhood when playing it. I also liked the fact that this escape venue is run by a family, all members of the family using their own abilities to create a delightful adventure.
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars

A room that will bring you back to childhood

Some magical toys!

A very cool and original exit device.

A rather small space.

Not much scenario.

Very diverse puzzles that require some fun manipulations, well in theme.

A puzzle can be solved in several ways and will require you to be creative.

A largely parallel structure: all members of the teams can work at the same time on different puzzles.

Some clues are given in-game in a subtle way.

As we played, we lost some necessary information by moving some elements in the room, which should not be possible (but the owner told us that they would fix that problem soon).

A very dedicated familial team.

Our gamemaster suggested us to take clues at a perfect timing.

The gamemaster entered the room with us at the start, which is understandable since several devices need some explanation, but damages a bit the immersion.

Performance: We exited at 54’30’’, having used our 3 allowed hints and a couple of small “free” ones.

Difficulty: The difficulty is quite balanced, with a success rate of 40%, and a best time of around 30 minutes with 3 hints.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: The small size of this room and its theme reminded me somewhat of Dream Week-end at Sauve Qui Peut, although the emphasis here is less on the fantastic and more on the toys.

Book here

Game tested in February 2020 (Image and introduction text inspired by Amedaka)

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