Olde City Escape Game: Midnighters

“It’s 1988 and you are “The Midnighters,” a group of mischievous kids from the neighborhood. A moon rock gifted from NASA for Philadelphia’s 1976 bicentennial time capsule has been missing for over a decade. Urban legend has it that your crazy Uncle Mick, owner of the Brotherly Love Boxing Club, was in on the job.
With recent headlines reporting the value of lunar rocks soaring on the black market, time is running out to recover the moon. Break into the old boxing club and follow where the mystery leads…but watch out because ol’ Mick’s probably already expecting you…”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
This adventure will bring you back to the 1980s! Its eerie atmosphere is loosely inspired by Goonies and Stranger Things (without the fantastic elements) and enhanced by a great music and a beautiful final device. Although the scenario could have been further developed and some puzzles are a bit classical, there are several novelties for experienced players, including one puzzle that left my jaw dropping!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars

A quite convincing 1980s decor.

A very fitting Stranger Things-inspired music.

The scenario could have been better explored.

Several satisfying manipulations.

One puzzle in the first room was very clever and magical!

Several padlocks have the same number of digits and can lead you to try many solutions that could make sense, which can be frustrating.

A couple of malfunctioning elements.

The gamemasters tried to fix the problems by staying in role, in order not to damage the immersion, which was very much appreciated.


Performance: The two of us escaped with 5 minutes left, having used 3 hints.

Difficulty: This room is not so easy, but since you can ask as many hints as you want, you won’t be blocked. The record with less than 4 hints is 29 minutes.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: For another take on the 1980s atmosphere, you can play Ghostbusters at Escape Room Live in DC.

Book here

Game tested in March 2020 (Image and introduction text inspired by Olde City Escape Games)

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