Escape Kit: Heist of the Century

“You have been selected by the famous White Rabbit, the greatest robber in history.
Your objective: Rob the central bank of New York, retrieve the contents of the 777 vault… and leave the premises discreetly.
The alarm is deactivated for one hour. An hour to become rich and famous… Will you be able to get out in time ?”

A perfect escape game fix for all escape room addicts currently locked down at home! For 22$, you will get a variety of materials to print: puzzles to set up in your apartment, masks for taking pictures at the end of your adventure, success and failure certificates, fake money to play with, etc. It took my partner around 1 hour to read, cut, tape and arrange the whole printed materials: if you like building puzzles as much as solving them, you’ll have double the fun! It is so far my only experience of print-at-home escape game, but we definitely enjoyed playing it. Looking forward to discover more in depth the landscape of at-home escape experience in the next weeks…

Difficulty: The game is not too difficult, but challenging enough even for escape enthusiasts. You can of course agree with the person among you who will play the gamemaster how many hints, and what kinds, you are allowed.

Performance: Our team of one kid, two teenagers and myself succeeded the adventure using one hint, in about 35 minutes.

At the same venue: Escape Kit offers a variety of other scenarios, which are listed as easier than Heist of the Century, and are therefore probably more oriented towards kids and families rather than hardcore escape enthusiasts.

Buy here

Game tested in March 2020 (Photo by Samuele Giglio on Unsplash; Introduction text by Escape Kit)

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