L’Issue: The Lair

“The new guy screwed up. After he stole his first car, he smashed it into the police station window. Our contact inside the walls confirmed that the kid gave it all away: the cars we were targeting, the loading dock and, worst of all, the address of our hideout!

Luckily, the new guy doesn’t know about the hiding place the boss has set up in the garage. If only the old Bob were here to tell us where the entrance is, but he’s already behind bars because of his latest stunt.

Our contact has managed to buy us some time, so we have about an hour to hide.”

Game experience: ENTERTAINING
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
3,5 stars   4,0 stars   3,0 stars

A room geared towards families, with some features that should delight children, such as the two floors-structure or a couple of mechanisms. The puzzles remain classical overall and the small space is such that 3 adults (or 2 adults and 2 children) would be largely enough.

Immersion 3,5 stars
  • The separation of the space over two floors.
  • A small space.
  • A very light scenario.
Puzzles 4,0 stars
  • A couple of fun manipulations that should delight children.
  • Too many classical padlock-based puzzles
Hosting 3,0 stars
  • No introduction to the scenario by the gamemaster.
  • We did not really feel any passion for escape games from the gamemasters.
  • One device did not work properly.
  • The room was not prepared in English, contrarily to what I asked by email (but most written messages are bilingual).

Performance: Our team of two adults and three children escaped with 15 minutes 34 seconds remaining, having used two small hints.

Difficulty: This is an easy room, with a success rate of 86% and a best time of 22 minutes(!) without any hints.

At the same venue: L’Issue just opened a new room named “Le Cabaret” that looks promising.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: Amedaka evasion in Granby has also a garage-themed escape room, Le Condorcet.

Book here

Game played in June 2020 (Image and introduction text by L’Issue)

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