Gamescape: Dr. Watson’s Disappearance

Moriarty has abducted Dr Watson and threatens to kill him. Sherlock Holmes needs your help to save his friend and defeat Moriarty!”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
4,5 stars   4,0 stars   4,5 stars

This “Live city game” is a mix between a treasure hunt through Paris and an escape game. During 90 minutes, you will evolve through various places in the city, and can contact the gamemaster whenever you need his help on a dedicated website. It should be a perfect experience for all escape enthusiast tourists who want to visit Paris while still getting their escape fix. And for Parisians, this adventure will make them see their city in a new light!

As usual at Gamescape, there is a number of puzzles of the cerebral kind (but quite accessible to anyone), mixed here with interesting observation challenges, and also, more unexpectedly, with a couple of exciting manipulations!

Immersion 4,5 stars
  • Paris! Do I need to say more?
  • An interesting evolution of the scenario at some point.
  • The part through Paris is a classical treasure hunt, without any scenario except solving the puzzles put into place by your nemesis.
Puzzles 4,0 stars
  • A good mix of observation tasks, cerebral puzzles and manipulations.
  • The last puzzle was very exciting to solve!
  • Several puzzles are a bit classical.
Hosting 5,0 stars
  • A very friendly welcome by an actor in costume.
  • You will receive at the end some information about the places you visited.

Performance: We saved Dr. Watson in 75 minutes (out of the 90 minutes we were allowed), using a small hint during the final puzzle.

Difficulty: The escape is not that difficult and should be accessible to everyone, but will probably still present enough challenges for seasoned escapers. The record time so far is 65 minutes.

At the same venue: Gamescape also hosts three more traditional escape games: The Jail of “La Bastille”, Interview with Gustave Eiffel and the most recent Gentleman Burglar. I haven’t played the latter, but it has been described by my colleagues from as a very good experience – you can read their review in French here.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: In a different manner, Mindfall from the Lock Academy also offers a mix between treasure hunt and escape game through the city (see the review in French here).

In French: Read the review of this game in French by Virginie from Expérience Immersive here.

Want to play this game? Hurry up, as it will be available only on week-ends till the end of September 2020 for this season! Book here.

Game tested in August 2020 (Image and introduction text: Gamescape)

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