Quest Factory: Cannibal Island

“A centuries-old myth tells the story of a Cannibal Wizard. According to that myth, he hid a fabulous treasure in the middle of a sanctuary on an island lost in the pacific.
After years of research, famous archeologist Marc Haulabois finally finds it. Instead of ruins, he comes across an untouched sanctuary where black magic remains.
What if the wizard still has adepts?
Marc Haulabois discovers that some rituals prevent anyone from accessing the treasure.
He decides to build a team of adventurers ready to take any risk in order to help him get to it.
Are you ready?
Beware, summoning evil forces is not without its dangers…”

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
4,5 stars   5,0 stars   4,5 stars

After Operations Balkans, Quest Factory signs their second adventure, this time set up within a very different atmosphere. The room is actually not really scary (despite a couple of mild jump scares): a humorous cartoonish twist pervades the room and defuses the tension. Some cringy manipulations will certainly make you laugh!

The room features a great variety of high-quality puzzles, resting on various skills: communication, perception, thinking outside the box or searching. Whether you like playing McGyver or a chaman, you’ll find some puzzles that you will love! Moreover, nearly all puzzles make sense in this environment, be they padlock-based (only one in the game!), or hands-or mystical manipulations.

Finally, it’s only the second time I went to this venue, but it felt like visiting old friends. The welcome is very friendly and spontaneous, and the gamemastering attentive. A very much recommended escape game!

Immersion 5,0 stars
  • The designers manage to reconstitute the island and cannibalistic decor in a way that looks realist.
  • A thematic unity that varies between two rooms (mechanical or magical).
  • An original horror atmosphere with a cartoonish twist.
  • Very convincing special effects that mimic both mechanical and magical phenomena.
  • A subtle reference to a comic that most of you probably know!
  • Some knobs are a bit too modern-looking for this environment.
Puzzles 5,0 stars
  • The integration of the puzzles into this environment.
  • A great variety of high-quality puzzles of different kinds.
  • A manipulation at the end of one of the rooms was unlike anything I have ever seen in an escape game!
  • An aspect of the environment naturally evolves in a subtle way to make some puzzles slightly easier as time passes.
  • A high number of puzzles that will make you live a very intense adventure.
Hosting 5,0 stars
  • An immersive introduction from the gamemaster…
  • … that might be slightly improved so that the story would make more sense.
  •  Very dedicated owners who improved the ergonomy and gameplay of the room many times, since they opened it, to take into account players’ feedback.
  • The hints were given in a subtle way.

Performance: Our team of three experienced players escaped in 46’53”, having received 2-3 hints.

Difficulty: The puzzles are of intermediate difficulty, and the hints can be adapted to every group.

At the same venue: In a different style, Balkans Operation is also a very exciting adventure – read our review here.

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: I haven’t seen this kind of “light horror” atmosphere often in escape rooms. The closest that comes to my mind is The Lost Temple of Cthulhu at Immersia in Paris, which also uses some kind of comic relief.

In French: Read the review of this game in French on here.

Want to play this game? Book here.

Game tested in August 2020 (Image and introduction text: Quest Factory)

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