Hinthunt: Pirate’s Secret

“The boat of the famous pirate Henry Every has just been found. For 300 years, it has been said that the mysterious captain’s sapphire is always locked up somewhere…put this haunted ship back on the waves and go on an adventure! But beware, you only have an hour, otherwise the captain’s ghost will decide to lock you up forever in his ship.”

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
5,0 stars   4,5 stars   4,0 stars

This game features very beautifully designed decors, that leaves no detail out of place. Pieces of woodwork, treasure chests – and other elements I cannot talk about – are all very realistic!

As usual at Hinthunt, you won’t feel bored: there are plenty of puzzles and searching to deal with! One of them was totally unique, whereas some others felt a little bit artificially inserted in the game. The hint system is also quite original, and will enable you to get help only if you want to.

Overall, a room that will immerse you in more than one way in the world of piratery!

Immersion 5,0 stars
  • Very beautiful and realistic decor, with rooms that reflect various aspects of a pirate environment.
  • A beautiful and immersive hint-providing and time-showing system.
  • A device that will make you feel you are really travelling at some point.
  • The scenario is not very elaborate…
  • … but a storytelling element provides a unity to the whole room.
Puzzles 4,5 stars
  • A very fun puzzle that uses an element in a way I have never seen so far in an escape game!
  • A good gameplay in terms of progression and number of puzzles – you will rarely feel blocked or without anything to do.
  • Some puzzles are inserted a bit artificially into the scenario, and rest a bit too much on computations (nothing difficult though).
Hosting 4,0 stars
  • When we looked at the device for a hint, it was generally well calibrated with our progression.
  • Because the hints are openly shown on a device you are free to consult if you want to, the gamemaster won’t be able to suggest you to take a hint if you are running behind schedule (which, obviously, you cannot know).

Performance: Our team of three experienced players escaped in 56 minutes, having used 2 hints (and solving the final puzzles by pure chance, which spared us a couple of minutes!).

Difficulty: There is quite a lot to do in this game, but thanks to the adaptive hinting system, no team should be blocked.

For how many players? The rooms are not that large, so 3 players (maximum 4) would be a good number.

At the same venue: Hinthunt was the very first venue to open in Paris (this is where I got the passion for escape games 5 years ago with the Zen room!) It continues to open newer rooms – the most recent ones, which I haven’t tried yet, are Dracula and L’Aventure Intérieure.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: There are quite a few pirate rooms out there, but this game was kind of a mix between Pirate’s Prize in Toronto for the first part and Pirate Cave in Budapest for the second part (with a higher variety of environments than in the first, and a higher production value than in the second).

In French: Read another review of this room in French by Alex from experienceimmersive.fr here.

Want to play this game? Book here.

Game tested in August 2020 (Image and introduction text: Hinthunt)

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