Escape Agency: Soviet Threat

“Bad news from Crimea! A former military command center has been reactivated and is going launch all the nuclear arsenal of the former USSR upon us. Too late to get there: we need to use a Soviet base built secretly under Paris during the Cold War. Your team will have to restart devices abandoned since the fall of the Wall, and find a way to cancel the order. The missiles will be launched in 70 minutes, you have no time to lose!”

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
4,5 stars   4,5 stars   4,0 stars

Escape Agency chose their venue more than 5 years ago because of a beautiful crypt in the basement: they predicted it would be a perfect fit for their project of second game, set in the cold war era. A few years later, Soviet Threat was born! And indeed, the USSR paraphernalia fits perfectly well in that setting. Although there is no big “wahoo” effect, this game is very well handled in all respects, and no detail feels out of place. The ultimate game to live the cold war era in Paris! Brush up your Cyrillic alphabet and run there…

Immersion 4,5 stars
  • A basement that fits perfectly with this kind of atmosphere!
  • A homogeneous Soviet aesthetic, with very beautiful props. Even the only digit padlock of the game fitted very well with the theme!
  • The scenario is a bit simple.
Puzzles 4,5 stars
  • Quite a lot of puzzles – 70 minutes won’t be too much to finish this game!
  • A difficulty that is customizable (“easy”, “experimented” or “megalomaniac”) through a smart fine-tuning of parameters.
  • Most of the puzzles are very well integrated in the atmosphere.
  • An interesting and subtle observation-based puzzle.
  • Reading words written in Cyrillic was sometimes a bit frustrating or confusing, leading to potential red (pun not intended) herrings.
Hosting 4,0 stars
  • The gamemaster followed our progression very carefully and his help was well-calibrated.
  • The clues sent by the gamemaster were genuinely helpful, without providing the full solution.
  • The hints sent by our gamemaster didn’t really give the illusion that he was a remote agent who sent us to a mission.

Performance: Our team of three players exited with 2’13’’ remaining on our 70 minutes, having played in the “experimented” mode.

Difficulty: This is not an easy room, although the average escape rate is about 50%. Interestingly, the success rate is lower for the easiest difficulty level than for the others – as those who play at this level are newcomers who will have a harder time. If you are a team of four or five experienced players, it can make sense to chose the megalomaniac setting if you feel confident.

At the same venue: Escape Agency also hosts The Apartment of Dr. Kang, a more classical escape game, which also has a customizable difficulty.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: The use of cold war paraphernalia reminded me of The Diefenbunker in Ottawa (the largest escape room in the world!).

In French: Read another review of this room in French by Alex on here.

Want to play this game? Book here.

Game tested in August 2020 (Introduction text: Escape Agency; Image by Gentle07 from Pixabay)

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