Room Escape Ottawa: Undermined

“Geological genius Dr. Jackson reported some strange discoveries at an old mining site, but hasn’t been heard from since his last contact with the surface…

Your team must delve into the mine to discover what happened to the doctor and his findings, before radiation exposure and cave-ins get you first.

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
5,0 stars   4,5 stars   4,5 stars

A very fun room with super immersive introduction, transitions between rooms and conclusion, thanks to impressive technological effects! It also proves that even in 2021, a heavily padlock-based room can still be very exciting. After you finished your game, make sure to ask your gamemaster to see the room from outside to understand how they built it – it’s pretty clever!

Immersion 5,0 stars
  • Very exciting introduction, transition between rooms and conclusion.
  • An interesting evolution in the scenario.
  •  A light touch of dark humor.
Puzzles 4,5 stars
  • Good variety of puzzles, mostly padlock-based.
  • Some sophisticated and fun mechanisms.
  • A parallel puzzle structure for at least half of the adventure, with some puzzles that involve team coordination.
Hosting 4,5 stars
  • The gamemaster proposed to bypass a puzzle that required some dexterity before it would start to be frustrating (but we eventually managed to complete it).
  • Extensive and friendly debriefing.

Performance: The gamemaster generously gave our team of two adults and one kid one minute more to complete the room and we finished with 48 seconds to spare, so I’m not sure whether we won or lost by 12 seconds! Whichever it was, the timing was perfect to maintain the tension until the very end.

Difficulty: The room was quite new when we played it so did not really have an official escape rate. I would say it is not easy but doable, and the right level of difficulty for me.

At the same venue: This venue also features the very good Deliverance and Serial Killer Charade, which both have slightly more spooky atmospheres, as well as Boom Room (very recommended as well) and Stranded (which I enjoyed the least of the five, although it is still good).

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: This game reminded me of Gold Rush at The Escape Game in various cities of the US, which features a smaller mine, but also other kinds of environments.

Want to play this game? Book here.

Game played in July 2021 (Introduction text and image: Room Escape Ottawa)

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