Room Escape Ottawa: Deliverance

“You’re on the last pizza delivery of the night, and walking along a darkened alley, you find the customer’s house with the lights off and seemingly deserted.

Another returned pizza could cost you your hard earned dough and worse, your job. The stakes are high and your boss needs you to deliver under pressure.

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
4,5 stars   4,5 stars   4,0 stars

A very exciting padlock-based game in a large, beautiful and slightly spooky space. Special mention for the play of words in the title!

Immersion 4,5 stars
  • Nice decor and an impressive two-storey structure.
  • The musical atmosphere evolved from one room to another.
  • A beautiful, spooky harmony that you discover as you move along the story.
  • A choice to make at some point in the game.
  • Some puzzles or progression in the room did not make sense in the story.
Puzzles 4,5 stars
  • A large number of puzzles that ensures a very steady rhythm.
  • A physical skill-based puzzle which is an interesting change from classical puzzles (although it can be difficult!).
  • The same kind of padlocks can appear several times, which mean that you may have to try entering the same code on several padlocks.
  • The solutions of a couple of puzzles can be found too early in the scenario, before they are usable, which can be confusing.
Hosting 4,0 stars
  • Hints are given in a subtle way rather than as straight solutions.
  • The GM entered into the room with us at the start of the game, which damages the immersion.

Performance: Our team of 2 experienced players escaped with 47 seconds left, having been given a few hints.

Difficulty: This room is classified as the most difficult at Room Escape Ottawa, although YMMV.

At the same venue: This venue also features the excellent Undermined and Serial Killer Charade, as well as the recommended Boom Room and Stranded (which I enjoyed the least of the five, although it is still good).

Elsewhere in the Escape Galaxy: The street atmosphere reminded me of The Earthquake at The Game in Paris and Firefighter Rescue in Escape from the 6 in Greater Toronto Area.

Want to play this game? Book here.

Game played in August 2020 (Introduction text: Room Escape Ottawa; image: Lasse Bergqvist via Unsplash)

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