Room Escape Ottawa: Stranded

“You and your crew are returning back to Earth when your spaceship encounters serious engine failure and has no choice but to crash land on an alien planet.

Venturing out into the mysterious world, you come across an alien craft which could be your ticket home… if you can get it started before your oxygen runs out.

Game experience: GOOD
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
4,5 stars   3,5 stars   4,0 stars

Stranded on a foreign planet, you will need to decipher the strange signs left by an extra-terrestrial civilization in order to use their ship to escape this planet. The mini-games in this room will occasionally test competences slightly different from those that are generally used in classical escape rooms, including your visualization skills… and your patience! Not everyone would enjoy all of those mini-games, as some of them might be frustrating, but it might be a good room to play with kids.

Immersion 4,5 stars
  • Interesting variety of decors.
  • Good atmospheric music.
  • A fun transition after the first room.
  • A good use of technology.
  • The alien backstory is mostly an excuse for a succession of mini-games without any real scenario development.
Puzzles 3,5 stars
  • Many puzzles can be solved in parallel.
  • A couple of later process puzzles can be extremely frustrating.
  • Some clues in the room are arguably a bit ambiguous.
Hosting 4,0 stars
  • A friendly welcome.
  • A small short-circuit made a puzzle a bit confusing.

Performance: Our team of two experienced adults and one kid failed the room, with one and half puzzle that we did not have time to finish.

Difficulty: The room has an escape rate of 30% with 3 hints or less (you can ask as many hints as you want though). Although it is rated as easier than Deliverance, I personally found Deliverance slightly easier – probably because it is a more classical escape room.

At the same venue: This venue features the excellent Undermined, Deliverance and Serial Killer Charade, where the latter two have slightly more spooky atmospheres.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: You can find the same kind of atmosphere, even more sophisticated, at La Pièce Odyssey in Paris.

Want to play this game? Book here

Game played in July 2021 (Introduction text: Room Escape Ottawa; image: TrinidadPhotoshopMan via Pixabay)

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