PerplexxX: Phobia

“You moved to Innsbruck six months ago, in a modest villa in the idyllic district of Saggen. Everything is perfect. Almost everything….

There is ONE thing that you simply cannot dismiss: your neighbor, the old man with whom you share the villa. You have not spoken to him as yet. He is intensely private and continues to ignore all your attempts at a conversation or exchange. He is odd. Suspicious. Sinister even.

Every night at precisely 6:00pm, he leaves his house and goes for an evening walk. He always carefully locks his front door, and hides his house key under the little garden dwarf standing on the window sill beside the entrance. He walks for exactly one hour each evening, returning to his door at 7:00pm. What is he hiding? What is his secret? You look at your watch. 5.55pm. Today is the day. You will seize your chance to reveal the mystery surrounding the old man. You have exactly 60 minutes – do you have the nerve?

Game experience: ENTERTAINING
Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting
3,5 stars   4,0 stars   4,5 stars

This is an old-school escape game that shall be pleasant to play if you’re not too picky about the decor and the puzzles being logically integrated in the story. There are a couple of twists – both in story and in puzzles – that put a smile on my face! The atmosphere is slightly creepy at places but not scary, with only one light jump scare, so you should not feel afraid to play it.

Immersion 3,5 stars
  • A good musical immersion.
  • The decors are relatively simple, part of them being represented by a wallpaper.
  • A couple of nice props.
Puzzles 4,0 stars
  • A largely parallel puzzle structure.
  • Relatively classical puzzles…
  • … but some puzzles play with your expectations: you may think you know how to solve them, but there is a twist.
  • The puzzles are a bit artificially integrated into the overarching story.
  • One manipulation puzzle could be solved in several ways, one of them quite ingenious.
Hosting 4,5 stars
  • A very friendly gamemaster.

Performance: I played it by myself and finished with 5’47’’ left, having received 4 hints from the gamemaster (2 telling me which puzzle to solve next, and 2 telling me where to look).

Difficulty: This is a relatively easy room, and if you’re an escape enthusiast, you should not have much trouble finishing it. The puzzle structure is largely parallel, so a group of 3-4 beginners should have fun there.

At the same venue: I could have a peek at the Mine escape room before starting my game of Phobia. The decor is one step ahead, with a beautiful use of wood and machines. The venue also rents some big puzzle boxes for e.g. business events.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: Breaking in an apartment is a quite common topic in the escape world, you can find many other rooms based on the same principle here.

Want to play this game? Book here.

Game tested in September 2021 (Adapted introduction text and image: PerplexxX)

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