As of August 2019, I (Phileas) have played more than 190 escape games in five different countries since September 2015 (73 in France, 74 in Canada, 43 in the US, and a few in other European countries). My associate Prof. Lidenbrock has played in other countries, such as Japan and Netherlands. I have taken detailed notes on the games I played for more than one year before the launch of this blog in January 2018, with the idea of creating such a blog when I would be experienced enough.

This blog does not aim at giving an exhaustive view of the escape games you can find in one country (or even one city), but rather at providing a “transversal” view of a pick of escape games in various places in the world. As a matter of fact, many escape blogs concentrate on one city or one country. Such resources are very useful, but I aim at completing them by providing a comparison of escape games that can be found in geographically very different places. Indeed, some places have much better escape games than others, and this is not always obvious for people who always play in the same geographical area.

Although I’m French, I decided to write this blog in English, as information in English about escape games in France and Quebec are largely absent from the web. I use English on a daily basis in my professional life, but I’m not a native English speaker, so please be indulgent about any linguistic improprieties.

The scoring system is explained here.

This blog was born in December 2017. In August 2019, I changed the format of the articles from a classical format to a tabular format, that gives a better overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the room. In August 2020, I changed again for a list-based format, for better lisibility.

Since I have launched this blog, some escape game companies have invited me to test their rooms. This is appreciated, but of course I review all rooms in the same way, and do not let the scores be influenced by the fact I’m invited. The difference is that I will write and publish reviews for games to which I was invited faster, by default within two weeks after having tested it. As a disclaimer, when I was invited by a company to test one of their rooms, I write at the end of the review “Game tested in MM/YYYY“, by contrast to “Game played in MM/YYYY” when I was not invited.

This blog is still in construction, so there might be some major changes in a near future. For any remark, advice or request, you can contact me here.

Happy escaping!