Funhaven: Crystal Cave

Game experience: GOOD Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting A perfect introduction to escape rooms for kids A fully automated room Nothing, as long as you scale your expectations to the duration (10 minutes) and price (5$) of the room Book here This room in amusement park Funhaven is not your regular escape game experience, but rather an introduction to escape rooms for kids. You do not … Continue reading Funhaven: Crystal Cave

Funhaven: Ripple Creek

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion   Puzzles    Hosting The progressive discovery of the terrible truth The sound effects Classical puzzles The noises of the park that contrast the creepy atmosphere Book here Just after our very good experience of Rainforest Renegades at Funhaven, we jumped to a darker atmosphere at Ripple Creek. Your team of investigators has been contacted by a man (your gamemaster) whose … Continue reading Funhaven: Ripple Creek

Escape Manor: Escape The Diefenbunker

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting A REAL bunker – ’nuff said! Parallel puzzle tracks with various difficulties Somewhat old-fashioned puzzles Book here The “World’s Largest Escape room”, as the advertisement says! For sure this is bound to raise attention of escape enthusiasts like me. Located about 30 minutes west of downtown Ottawa, this bunker was commissioned in 1958 during Cold War … Continue reading Escape Manor: Escape The Diefenbunker

Funhaven: Rainforest Renegades

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion   Puzzles    Hosting A nice variety of puzzles for a family Many rooms to discover One slightly ambiguous puzzle The noise from the park during the day Book here Funhaven is a theme park located just outside Ottawa, with various attractions for kids. They have been hosting several escape games for a few years, whose most famous is probably … Continue reading Funhaven: Rainforest Renegades

Jigsaw Escape Rooms: The Castle

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting A prop that looked magical A large space and parallel puzzle structure adequate for big groups Somewhat empty setting The gamemaster entering into the room before the game Book here Jigsaw Escape Rooms is a large escape game venue in Ottawa very conveniently located in Byward market, just next to many restaurants and bars. They feature five … Continue reading Jigsaw Escape Rooms: The Castle

Room Escape: Serial killer charade

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    A fantastic, oppressive atmosphere. The gamemaster entering the room spoiled the immersion. Book here Roomescape is a big game complex in the suburbs of Ottawa: it features a few large multi-room escape games next to an archery tag game – think laser tag with bows. I tried the two escape games available at the … Continue reading Room Escape: Serial killer charade