Omescape Markham: Joker’s Asylum

Game experience: AVERAGE
The experimental split-team game design fails to be convincing, and the last puzzle does not make sense. Still fun playing, but you can easily find better elsewhere in Toronto. Continue reading Omescape Markham: Joker’s Asylum

Revo Escape: AI’s martyrdom

Game experience: EXCELLENT
A fantastic “mimetic room”, where everything aims at fully making sense.
Absolutely everyone should play it: newcomers, enthusiasts, and even people who do not like regular escape rooms! Continue reading Revo Escape: AI’s martyrdom

Mayze: The Truth of Osaka High

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting A very well-made creepy atmosphere Some puzzles maladjusted  Not enough time planned between two groups Book here After playing the light and fun “Escape with Usavich“, it was now time for us to move to a much darker atmosphere. “Your friend Aya was found dead hanging in the school’s washroom, however the body went missing before the police arrived. The … Continue reading Mayze: The Truth of Osaka High

Mayze: Escape with Usavich

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The humor and twisted logic Somewhat simple decors at place  A gamemaster lacking enthusiasm Book here “You and your friends are watching cartoons at home when it finally happens, you guys get sucked into the television. You appear before a warden who immediately throws you in jail. You look around the cell and you find yourself inside a cartoon world. … Continue reading Mayze: Escape with Usavich

Freeing Canada Station: Pirate’s Prize

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting Nice wooden decors  A good puzzle structure The limited number of puzzles  The gamemaster entering the room Book here “A friend aboard the Red Pearl has tipped you off that its captain, Silverstone, has acquired an artifact worth a hundred times its weight in gold. To gain entry to the ship, you hatch a plan to track down Silverstone in … Continue reading Freeing Canada Station: Pirate’s Prize