Quest Factor: Jurassic Island

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The immersive decors and special effects  The weak storytelling Book here You and your friends are on the expedition to retrieve the egg of T-Rex dinosaur from the island which you discovered to be a scientific experiment to recreate the Jurassic period of Mesozoic Era. Upon arriving at the laboratory you find that it was abandoned years ago, but it … Continue reading Quest Factor: Jurassic Island

Boxaroo: Conundrum Museum

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion   Puzzles    Hosting A super smooth game experience A puzzle-oriented room that complement well their other room The stat sheet given at the end Nothing significant Book here We enjoyed the Mystery of the Magician’s Study at Boxaroo so much that we came back in the afternoon to play their other room, Conundrum Museum. “You and your friends take … Continue reading Boxaroo: Conundrum Museum

Boxaroo: Mystery of the Magician’s Study

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting A super smooth game experience The very immersive start The stat sheet given at the end Nothing Book here Mystery of the Magician’s Study was the first room opened by Boxaroo a few years ago. It had already received excellent reviews at the time, but they decided to stay ahead of the game, by updating and reopening … Continue reading Boxaroo: Mystery of the Magician’s Study

Escape the Room: Clock Tower

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting  Some very original puzzles Very nicely crafted props A first room not very soundproof Book here Escape the Room was one of the first company to open an escape game in the USA. Since then, they have been continuously opening increasingly sophisticated new games. As their rooms can be found in many cities, the company could develop … Continue reading Escape the Room: Clock Tower

Escape City: The Hangover

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting The great decor The well-thought puzzle structure The mature humor A super immersive device Nothing Book here “After a wild night out in Las Vegas, you and your friends wake up in a hotel suite with no clue where you are or what happened. All you know is that you stole a lot of money from the Russian Mafia … Continue reading Escape City: The Hangover

Esc4pe: The Investigator

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting The musical and light immersion. Some original puzzles with cool manipulations. Some simple decors. A couple of ambiguous puzzles. Book here Esc4pe is an independent escape game company whose games are all unified by a “spy” theme. The Gauntlet is your recruitment test, The Minimalist will be your first assignment, and finally their most recent scenario, The Investigator, … Continue reading Esc4pe: The Investigator

Quest Factor: The Castle

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting  The scenarized puzzle structure. A convincing medieval atmosphere. The multiple ways to get hints. The walkie-talkie and the tablet do not fit in this environment. Book here The Seattle venue of Quest Factor is conveniently located near university of Washington (whose campus is really worth a visit if you’re around Seattle – don’t miss their Harry Potter-style … Continue reading Quest Factor: The Castle