L’Escaperie: The Alchemist and the Mysteries of time

Game experience: GOOD
This is a classical room, but a solid one, with good quality materials and cool mechanisms, and a very challenging searching process ! Continue reading L’Escaperie: The Alchemist and the Mysteries of time

Omescape Markham: Joker’s Asylum

Game experience: AVERAGE
The experimental split-team game design fails to be convincing, and the last puzzle does not make sense. Still fun playing, but you can easily find better elsewhere in Toronto. Continue reading Omescape Markham: Joker’s Asylum

Freeing Canada Station: Pirate’s Prize

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting Nice wooden decors  A good puzzle structure The limited number of puzzles  The gamemaster entering the room Book here “A friend aboard the Red Pearl has tipped you off that its captain, Silverstone, has acquired an artifact worth a hundred times its weight in gold. To gain entry to the ship, you hatch a plan to track down Silverstone in … Continue reading Freeing Canada Station: Pirate’s Prize

Immersia: The Picadilly Cabaret

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting Sophisticated immersion enhanced by lights, sounds and videos. Some puzzles are a bit classical. Book here Just after exiting the creepy cabin of Weekend at the Shack, we started with Alexandra and Virginie from OWAG a new adventure at Immersia Laval. “You’re in a 1930’s London abandoned cabaret, the one where the famous diva Emma Albani would perform shows … Continue reading Immersia: The Picadilly Cabaret