Revo Escape: AI’s martyrdom

Game experience: EXCELLENT
A fantastic “mimetic room”, where everything aims at fully making sense.
Absolutely everyone should play it: newcomers, enthusiasts, and even people who do not like regular escape rooms! Continue reading Revo Escape: AI’s martyrdom

Missions Morpheus: Apocalypse

Game experience: VERY GOOD
A very good room, very much recommended to intermediate and experienced players. The main device in the room is sure to be a great experience, probably unseen even to experienced players. Continue reading Missions Morpheus: Apocalypse

Esc4pe: The Investigator

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion Puzzles Hosting The musical and light immersion.  Some original puzzles with cool manipulations. Some simple decors.  A couple of ambiguous puzzles. Book here Esc4pe is an independent escape game company whose games are all unified by a “spy” theme. The Gauntlet is your recruitment test, The Minimalist will be your first assignment, and finally their most recent scenario, The Investigator, features your … Continue reading Esc4pe: The Investigator

Hour to Midnight: Assassin’s Deadly Game

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting A great gameplay, well-adapted to big groups  Puzzles everywhere! Somewhat simple decors  Book here After playing The Secrets of Nibiru at Hour to Midnight, I got the opportunity to join another group to play Assassin’s Deadly Game – with just a bit of time in between to chat with the two passionate owners, and to discover the multitude of … Continue reading Hour to Midnight: Assassin’s Deadly Game

Quest Factor: Mad Scientist

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting Impressive machinery, setting and special effects Adapted to beginners, as advertised A small dysfunction during our game Book here Mad Professor Manifesto is furious at the world as his latest invention gets him ridiculed within the science community and fired from the greatest lab in the world. He sets off the same advanced nuclear reactor that was supposed to rid … Continue reading Quest Factor: Mad Scientist

Happy Hour: Police Academy of Palamento City

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting Some fun and clever manipulations The variety of puzzles Too many red herrings A relatively simple immersion Book here Before playing Professor Zoltan’s virus adventure at Happy hour escape game, we played their other scenario ‘Police academy of Palamento city’. You are applying to be part of the police force in Palamento city, and as a … Continue reading Happy Hour: Police Academy of Palamento City

Escape House: Save the White House

Game experience: GOOD Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    A nice variety of puzzles to solve. Being in the oval office. Lots of padlocks. Book here After playing at ‘The Escape Game Chicago’, I did not have to look very far to find another venue: ‘EscapeHouse Chicago’ is located in the same street, barely 50 meters away – the second venue of a chain … Continue reading Escape House: Save the White House