The Escape Game: Special Ops

Game experience: EXCELLENT

I like very much all rooms by The Escape Game, but this one is my favorite! There is a real scenario that unfolds during the game, and two very different atmospheres in the same game. The game uses an impressive variety of beautiful props that are very satisfying to handle. Continue reading The Escape Game: Special Ops

Revo Escape: AI’s martyrdom

Game experience: EXCELLENT
A fantastic “mimetic room”, where everything aims at fully making sense.
Absolutely everyone should play it: newcomers, enthusiasts, and even people who do not like regular escape rooms! Continue reading Revo Escape: AI’s martyrdom

HintHunt: Submarine – Mission Deep Down

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The immersive decors.   Fun mechanisms and no key padlocks. The visual hinting system. Slightly too many puzzles. Book here Hinthunt is one of the pioneer company in the escape game world – it was, for example, the first escape game company to open a venue in Paris. I hold a special memory of it, as my very first escape … Continue reading HintHunt: Submarine – Mission Deep Down

Quest Factory: Balkans Operation

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting The “electronic magic” The role of the gamemaster integrated in the scenario  Nothing Book here During my last stay in Paris, I heard the name of ‘Quest Factory’ coming back insistently from various sources, so I definitely had to check if they were as good as what people would say! They opened in January 2018, next … Continue reading Quest Factory: Balkans Operation

Lucardo: Espionage

Game experience: AVERAGE Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting     A largely nonlinear puzzle structure, adequate for a group of beginners. Minimal immersion. Very classical puzzles. Book here I was passing by Manchester for work and had time to cram one escape game in my busy schedule. Lucardo seemed to have quite good reviews. I didn’t know anyone in Manchester to play with, but the owners … Continue reading Lucardo: Espionage