Find the Key: Insomnium

Game experience: GOOD Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting A second generation room with no padlocks. High quality red herrings. The symmetric structure of the game. One or two small dysfunctions during our game. Book here If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you must certainly have wondered what it would feel to be trapped in the Upside Down. That’s the experience Find the Key proposes to … Continue reading Find the Key: Insomnium

Padlock: Recto Verso

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    An original “duality” theme. The collaborative puzzle structure. A few riddle-book-style puzzles. Book here   (here is a first puzzle: can you find the word hidden in the “Padlock” logo above?) Padlock is an escape game venue that opened in September 2017 in Montrouge, a southern suburb of Paris, and it already features three games. … Continue reading Padlock: Recto Verso