Perplexity: Lost and Found

Express review “When Detective Hauser asked for your help in the missing persons case of Little Johnny Mapleton, it immediately sent chills down your spine. You know it’s a bad idea to go, but it feels like something is drawing you there; calling you back to the small town you thought you had left behind forever. Years have passed since the day Johnny vanished, and … Continue reading Perplexity: Lost and Found

Escape from the 6: Firefighter rescue

Express review “You are brave firefighters showing up for work like any other day. As you do your daily duties around the fire hall you get dispatched. This is not just any call, this is the call that firefighters will talk about for years to come. You must be prepared for what challenges you face because you are risking your life and the lives of … Continue reading Escape from the 6: Firefighter rescue

Nowayout: Sedah 13 ave

Express review “Rumour has it, everyone who’s broken into 13 Sedah Ave. has experienced some sort of paranormal activity. A group dare turns into a horrifying nightmare when you realize that nothing about this place is haunted. It’s just a sick game, and you’re the main attraction. Watch out – not all groups make it out together!” Game experience: EXCELLENT A 70-minutes long must-play for … Continue reading Nowayout: Sedah 13 ave

Immersia: The space scrapers steampunk adventures

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting The interactions with the gamemaster Very nice decors The feeling of managing a real spaceship Some technical bugs Book here “In a world devastated by evil, you are a team of space scrapers who work on the recovery of old space wrecks. You have just boarded a drifting space capsule when your ship is suddenly attacked by an invisible … Continue reading Immersia: The space scrapers steampunk adventures

Quest Factor: Jurassic Island

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The immersive decors and special effects  The weak storytelling Book here You and your friends are on the expedition to retrieve the egg of T-Rex dinosaur from the island which you discovered to be a scientific experiment to recreate the Jurassic period of Mesozoic Era. Upon arriving at the laboratory you find that it was abandoned years ago, but it … Continue reading Quest Factor: Jurassic Island

Crack the Egg: The Shelter

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting The use of technology to expand your perception beyond here and now The sophisticated machinery The meta-puzzle of cracking the egg Nothing significant Book here Many escape venues propose a variety of unrelated escape rooms. By contrast, Crack the Egg unified all their rooms with an overarching scenario: the quest for an intriguing egg that you have … Continue reading Crack the Egg: The Shelter

Boxaroo: Conundrum Museum

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion   Puzzles    Hosting A super smooth game experience A puzzle-oriented room that complement well their other room The stat sheet given at the end Nothing significant Book here We enjoyed the Mystery of the Magician’s Study at Boxaroo so much that we came back in the afternoon to play their other room, Conundrum Museum. “You and your friends take … Continue reading Boxaroo: Conundrum Museum