No Way Out: The Unknown

Game experience: VERY GOOD
The Nun was already frightening, but The Unknown was one small step ahead in terms of scariness, with here also the intervention of an actor. The large number of rooms and the realism of the corpses were fantastic! Despite small gameplay shortcomings, this game brought some of my most intense moments in my escaper life. Continue reading No Way Out: The Unknown

Mayze: The Truth of Osaka High

Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting A very well-made creepy atmosphere Some puzzles maladjusted  Not enough time planned between two groups Book here After playing the light and fun “Escape with Usavich“, it was now time for us to move to a much darker atmosphere. “Your friend Aya was found dead hanging in the school’s washroom, however the body went missing before the police arrived. The … Continue reading Mayze: The Truth of Osaka High

Immersia: Week-end at the Shack

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting A real scenario that unfolds during the adventure.  The feeling of entrapment and vulnerability Some puzzles are a bit classical. Book here Immersia was to my knowledge the first escape company to open in Laval, Montreal’s largest suburb. When they started, they had two games, Week-end at the Shack and Picadilly Cabaret (they opened a few more since), and … Continue reading Immersia: Week-end at the Shack

PanIQ Escape Room: Insane Asylum 2

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting    The oppressive atmosphere. The gamemastering process. Book here PanIQ Escape Room is one of the two Georgetown escape venues in DC, the other being Escape Room Live. Contrarily to the latter, you won’t be grouped with strangers in this franchised escape venue. You can find in the small reception hall a nice selection of jigsaws to warm … Continue reading PanIQ Escape Room: Insane Asylum 2