Sauve Qui Peut: Undercover Bar

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Some of the “manipulations” are definitely not for prude people, as you could expect from the 18+ rating of this room, and should bring quite a few laughs in the team! This game is very difficult, with a success rate of 2%, so bring your A-team here! Continue reading Sauve Qui Peut: Undercover Bar


Immersia: Evolvis

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Evolvis really stands out for its originality and energy among the escape games in Paris. Although this is not the most technologically sophisticated room out there, the actors made it super exhilarating and fun to play, and it stands out as very much recommended! Continue reading Immersia: Evolvis

Mayze: Escape with Usavich

Game experience: GOOD Immersion   Puzzles   Hosting   The humor and twisted logic Somewhat simple decors at place A gamemaster lacking enthusiasm Book here “You and your friends are watching cartoons at home when it finally happens, you guys get sucked into the television. You appear before a warden who immediately throws you in jail. You look around the cell and you find yourself inside a … Continue reading Mayze: Escape with Usavich

Escape Osaka: Dark Zen

Game experience: EXCELLENT    Immersion    Puzzles     Hosting The original scenario The full-fledged dynamic of the game The Japaneseness Nothing significant Book here The escape room connoisseurs know that the first room ever opened in 2007 in Japan, hosted by SCRAP Entertainment Inc. The concept has since transcended borders and gained the success it has today, SCRAP itself having expanded to more than 50 rooms … Continue reading Escape Osaka: Dark Zen

Escape City Buffalo: The Hangover

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting The great decor The well-thought puzzle structure The mature humor A super immersive device Nothing Book here “After a wild night out in Las Vegas, you and your friends wake up in a hotel suite with no clue where you are or what happened. All you know is that you stole a lot of money from the Russian Mafia … Continue reading Escape City Buffalo: The Hangover

Hourglass Escapes: Rise of the Mad Pharaoh

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting  The fantastic sarcophagus! Lots of puzzles The roles and their personalized hints The simple decors around the sarcophagus Book here “YOU HAVE 60 MINUTES TO SAVE DR. CARTER! HURRY, TIME IS RUNNING OUT! With just your wits, clues from crates of artifacts, and notes from the trapped archaeologist, you must solve puzzles, discover mysteries, and … Continue reading Hourglass Escapes: Rise of the Mad Pharaoh

Mad Genius Escape Rooms: The Cat’s Lady

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion    Puzzles    Hosting    The great humor The roleplaying welcome and voice gamemastering A very sequential puzzle structure Book here As escape games become more mainstream, it is harder and harder for companies to stay competitive. Some large franchised venues are following the Hollywoodian road, investing a lot of money in their room to enhance the immersion thanks to a … Continue reading Mad Genius Escape Rooms: The Cat’s Lady