Escaparium Dorval: The Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa

Game experience: VERY GOOD
A very beautiful room that involves strikingly elaborated mechanisms and no less than two final wahoo effects! Too bad that several elements were malfunctioning when we played it. Continue reading Escaparium Dorval: The Wizard Four and the Rise of Lord Thulsa

Locurio: The Storykeeper

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion Puzzles Hosting A fantastic actor play  The device accompanying you during your adventure Beautiful decors A well-thought gameplay Nothing Book here There must be something magical in the air of the Fremont area in Seattle: a troll coming out of the ground, a park where strange factory-shaped constructions seem to grow out of nowhere… and Locurio, one of the most fantastic … Continue reading Locurio: The Storykeeper

Lock Academy: Little Miss Lock

Game experience: EXCELLENT
The game designers have articulated different “escape game archetypes” to make something unique out of them, with a gamemastering perfectly integrated into the game. The gameplay has a rare harmony and fluidity, and the scenario is very rich. The room features a wonderful variety of electronics-based mechanisms and technological devices from all ages. It is fascinating to reconstruct what happened from a variety of pieces of evidence under various formats. Continue reading Lock Academy: Little Miss Lock

Immersia: The Lost Temple of Cthulhu

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion    Puzzles     Hosting    The immersive jungle environment. Some mechanisms that feel like magic. The very friendly welcome and immersive gamemastering. A somewhat less impressive final part in the last room. Book here I’m sure that you’ve heard of Cthulhu, this cosmic God created by H.P. Lovecraft, a 100m-tall humanoid with an octopus head and dragon wings: (author Dominique Signoret, … Continue reading Immersia: The Lost Temple of Cthulhu

Happy Hour: Escape café ‘Bledard-sur-Seine’

Game experience: GOOD Immersion (Not applicable)    Puzzles    Hosting  A nice variety of puzzles The two game modes (collaborative or competitive)  No immersion in the classical sense Book here The escape café “Bledard-sur-Seine” is a recent creation by “Happy hour escape game”. It has a very unique format in the world of escape games, with puzzles arranged across six large boxes, that you have 90 … Continue reading Happy Hour: Escape café ‘Bledard-sur-Seine’

Tempête sous un crâne: Liberty’s castaway

  Game experience: GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The backstory of Alfred Zweig. Well-suited for beginners. Might be a bit short for experienced players who have eyes (unlike us). Book here ‘Tempête sous un crâne’ is an escape game venue that opened its doors in mars 2016, the 21st in Paris. Despite their French-only website, their adventures are playable in English. They feature three rooms: ‘Liberty’s Castaway’ … Continue reading Tempête sous un crâne: Liberty’s castaway

LeavinRoom: Around the world in 60 minutes

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    A well-balanced mid-level escape game. No real scenario. Some red herrings. Book here Update (March 2018): This room has been closed. LeavinRoom was the 10th venue to open its doors in Paris, in January 2015. I was passing by in Paris for a few days in June 2016 and really wanted to try their game … Continue reading LeavinRoom: Around the world in 60 minutes