John Doe: The Prison of Blue Castle

Game experience: VERY GOOD

The gameplay is well thought, and there might be more than you and your friends lurking in the dark corridor of this oppressive prison! A very solid escape game, that you can also find in Nantes, Lille and Strasbourg. Continue reading John Doe: The Prison of Blue Castle

Limitless: Prison Break

Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting The difficulty of the puzzles The interactivity The cooperation Lots of code locks Book here The Limitless agency, situated near the National Taiwan University, has just sent you on your latest mission: recover decisive military intel from North Korea! You will be passing as a prisoner in Kim Jong-un’s jails, where one of Limitless’s best—agent Z—has left behind indications … Continue reading Limitless: Prison Break

Gamescape: Escape from ‘La Bastille’

Game experience: ENTERTAINING Immersion Puzzles Hosting The entrance into the room, shackled and blindfolded. Well-adapted for beginners. Only one room (divided in two parts). One puzzle was artificially inserted. Book here I have already reviewed Gamescape for their Alchemist’s challenge, which is their most difficult room (soon to be replaced – hurry up if you want to try it!). On the other end of the … Continue reading Gamescape: Escape from ‘La Bastille’