No Way Out: The Unknown

Game experience: VERY GOOD
The Nun was already frightening, but The Unknown was one small step ahead in terms of scariness, with here also the intervention of an actor. The large number of rooms and the realism of the corpses were fantastic! Despite small gameplay shortcomings, this game brought some of my most intense moments in my escaper life. Continue reading No Way Out: The Unknown

The Great Escape Room: Moriarty’s Gameroom

Game experience: AVERAGE Immersion    Puzzles     Hosting    A paradise for scavengers. Well-adapted to big groups. Some puzzles requiring US-centered general knowledge. The artificial theme. Book here The Great Escape Room is an escape game chain across the US that features many venues, from Florida to Michigan, Ohio or Illinois. Their website describes them as “a unique blend of traditional escape room and a challenging … Continue reading The Great Escape Room: Moriarty’s Gameroom