Crack the Egg: The Shelter

Game experience: EXCELLENT
The humanity has been contaminated by a terrifying zombie virus. You are sent in time just before the last bunker would fall prey to the zombies. Your goal is to figure out what happened, find a cure – and, if you can, find the elusive egg and crack its secret! Continue reading Crack the Egg: The Shelter

Incarna: Episode 1 – The Training

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion Puzzles and fight    Hosting A unique immersion. A gamemaster who acts like a movie director to personalize your experience. No motion sickness. Nothing Book here 100! I had to browse my archives and count a few times to be sure which escape game would be my 100th experience, and found it ironical that it would actually not be a classical escape … Continue reading Incarna: Episode 1 – The Training

Escape Masters: De-composed

  Game experience: VERY GOOD Immersion Puzzles Hosting A unique virtual reality immersion. Relatively classical puzzles. Book here Presently living near Montreal, I wanted my first escape review in this city to be a special one. ‘De-composed’, the virtual reality game at Escape masters, sounded like a perfect opportunity. I had already made a couple of solo virtual escape rooms (which I will review some … Continue reading Escape Masters: De-composed