Crack the Egg: The Shelter

Game experience: EXCELLENT
The humanity has been contaminated by a terrifying zombie virus. You are sent in time just before the last bunker would fall prey to the zombies. Your goal is to figure out what happened, find a cure – and, if you can, find the elusive egg and crack its secret! Continue reading Crack the Egg: The Shelter


Escape Masters: Zombie Apocalypse

Game experience: GOOD Immersion    Puzzles     Hosting    The hint QR system A fairly convincing immersion Lots of padlocks Book here Escape Masters is this venue in Griffintown, located in an impressive industrial building, where we had been playing already ‘Italian mafia restaurant’ and ‘De-composed’ (as well as ‘The spy’, which I have yet to review). As usual, your first challenge will be to find … Continue reading Escape Masters: Zombie Apocalypse

Skeleton Key: The Cursed Crypt

Game experience: EXCELLENT Immersion    Puzzles       Hosting    Very convincing actors. Beautiful decors. Some puzzles might be improved. Book here ‘Manoir de Paris’ is a haunted house that opened its doors in 2011. In their main attraction, you walk across a spooky mansion with a group of friends, among gloomy decorations and actors with make-up who do their best to scare you. I … Continue reading Skeleton Key: The Cursed Crypt