La Pièce: La Pièce Odyssey

Game experience: EXCELLENT
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars
Plus Minus
Very beautiful decors 

Many references to science-fiction movies

A lot of reading material

Book here

Every seven years, an interstellar portal opens towards a planet far away. Fourteen years ago, humans sent a rover to collect some data. Seven years ago, an explorer named “Darius Clark” was sent there in a spaceship, but has not given any news since then. You are now the next team to be sent there. No one knows what you’re going to discover here!

A lot of work has gone into this room, which has really sophisticated decors contributing to a great immersion. Several elements that are difficult to recreate in an escape room – such as a spaceship or star constellations – are here very convincing. There is a slow progression from a hi-tech atmosphere to a more mysterious, nearly mystical atmosphere. An additional nice touch that is not immediately obvious is that there are many, many references to science-fiction movies – more than 30 of them, as we were told! In particular, if you like the movie “2001, Space Odyssey”, this room will certainly delight you.

Like the other room at La Pièce, this was designed by FibreTigre (, a game designer specialized in interactive fictions. The puzzles are varied and really good, with only few code-based puzzles and a nice variety of manipulations to realize. Even some classical elements were used here with some refreshing twist. A small drawback that slows down a bit the game is the important quantity of reading material.

Finally, the hosting was good, with a friendly welcome by the owner Chloé, a clear introduction, and hints that were given at a well-chosen time. The only small hiccup was that a group before us had written the solution of one of the puzzles on papers that are in the room – something which is difficult to control.

With a success rate around 15%, this is not an easy room but it’s doable. Joining our powers with fellow bloggers from OWAG, we escaped after 51 minutes and 59 seconds, and about 6 hints given by our gamemaster. Our biggest challenge was actually to keep our eyes open! And putting some structure in our somewhat disorganized search…

It is famously difficult to realize a great science-fiction escape room, but “L’Odyssée de la pièce” fulfilled the challenge with flying colors – and therefore, joins the selected club of the best rooms in Paris!

Game tested in January 2019 (picture: La Pièce)

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