Missions Morpheus: Apocalypse

Game experience: VERY GOOD
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,5 stars
Plus Minus

Very carefully crafted decor

The time travel

The “Mission Impossible” style briefing

Creative puzzles with a largely parallel structure

A small technical bug

Warning: This room has now been closed.

“Paris, November 19, 2022: The French security services arrested a man who was trying to break into the Élysée to speak urgently to the president. The man claims to come from the future and said that terrorists, who left on November 19, traveled in time until 2522, to detonate a bomb triggering the Apocalypse.

Interpol is formal, the man is not listed anywhere. But what is even stranger is that an intrusion was reported at the same time in the old workshop of Sebastian Trithemus, an inventor and scientist of the Middle Ages, who claimed to have made a machine to go back in time. According to the cameras, a group of individuals has broken in… and has never come out.

Your team is asked to shed light on this case. Tempus fugit … Time is running out. It may be a matter of saving the future of humanity. »

Immersion: As usual at Mission Morpheus, your mission will start with a very immersive briefing, Mission Impossible style. This really put you in the shoes of a spy! You will then enter into a very convincing Renaissance-style workshop. Everything has been perfectly crafted in this regard, from the floor to the ceiling, with a somewhat steampunk inspiration! (maybe I shall say Renaissance-punk ?) Finally, a smart use of lights, sounds and animations will really make you feel that you travelled… somewhere else (or is it?)

Puzzles: Like in other rooms we played at Mission Morpheus, the puzzles are very well made and are mostly innovative. I especially liked the presence of a puzzle that will test your physical agility (don’t worry, not everyone in the group has to go through it).

You can choose the level of difficulty: 7 hints (beginner), 4 hints (intermediate) or 1 hint (expert). Without hesitation, I would recommend everyone to ask for 7 hints: you can still decide, when you are in the room, to use less hints, but given the level of difficulty, a few hints will probably be necessary.

We were informed during your briefing that you will have to solve between 15 and 20 puzzles, so we were quite stressed after 15 minutes spent in the room, as we had not solved anything! But I would rather say that there are 15 to 20 steps to solve all puzzles, and eventually our team of five (three experienced players, one intermediate and one beginner) exited in 56 minutes, having used 4 hints. This is a not an easy room though! (although one of the easiest at Missions Morpheus)

The only small shortcoming is that a couple of puzzles do not have a totally neat solutions: therefore, if you find something that makes sense but is slightly approximate, do not hesitate to contact the gamemaster to validate it, as it might well be the correct solution.

Hosting: The welcoming space is very spacious and pleasant, and you can take your time there to relax before or after your game. The gamemaster was friendly and energetic, convincing in his role. One mechanism did not trigger exactly when it should have, creating a small confusion, but our gamemaster gave us five additional minutes to compensate.

Overall, this is a very good room, very much recommended to intermediate and experienced players. The main device in the room is sure to be a great experience, probably unseen even to experienced players. And after you played this one, you will be ready to play the even more challenging but equally exciting Bloody Mary!

Game tested in August 2019 (Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay; text by Missions Morpheus)

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