Sauve Qui Peut: Undercover Bar

Game experience: VERY GOOD
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4,5 stars 4,5 stars 4,0 stars
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A very sophisticated immersion

A fun and original 18+ theme

Some padlocks are a bit difficult to open

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Sauve Qui Peut opened only two years ago in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu but they have quickly made themselves a name in the world of escape games, and have even already opened a new venue at Quebec City. We were quite curious to discover their rooms, so we took a whole day to play no less than 4 games there! After playing Dendera’s Secret, the intriguing 18+ label of the Undercover Bar raised our curiosity…

“New York City, Lower Manhattan… The authorities suspect that illegal activity is going on in one of the local bars. For a few months now, several police officers have been trying to infiltrate the bar in the hopes of catching the person believed to be in charge of the organization. Tonight is your chance. The latest hit jazz band will be performing and they are sure to draw a crowd—creating the perfect distraction! Hurry up before the suspect slips through your fingers yet again!” (text: Sauve qui Peut)

Immersion: I love discovering speakeasy secret entrances, but this one is certainly the most secluded I’ve ever seen! Your adventure will start in a dark alley, trying to figure out how to enter into this secretive place. You will then explore an intimate bar and try to uncover its dark secrets. The various places all had their own, very sophisticated atmosphere – only the very last part was less impressive. The sound immersion also accompanies your adventure very convincingly, from the busy street noise in the alley to the jazzy atmosphere of the bar.

Puzzles: The puzzles are definitely not easy! Some items are really well hidden, so you will need to hone your best observation skills to discover their tricky stashes. Some of the “manipulations” are definitely not for prude people, as you could expect from the 18+ rating of this room, and should bring quite a few laughs in the team!

Hosting: The gamemaster will show you a few padlocks before your adventure starts, and I would really recommend you to pay a special attention to the school locker padlocks if you’re not familiar with them: some (non-North American) members of our team had a lot of trouble to open them during the adventure, although we knew the correct code. The room is playable in English, with bilingual messages, but one puzzle will require you to speak some French (or to ask the gamemaster for help).

This was the first room designed by the owner Steven Keller, a true passionate who is always looking to improve his rooms further; it’s obvious that an impressive amount of work has gone into all those games. This room would be perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette party; it is very difficult though, with a success rate of 2%, so bring your A-team here! Finally, if you’re in Quebec city, they have a version of this room that is supposed to be even more fancy!

Game tested in March 2018

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