One Hour Left: In Orbit

“‘Houston, we have a problem!’ This was the last transmission we received from the International Space Station ISS crew. The reason for the loss of communication is totally unclear until now: Mutiny of the crew? Technical malfunction? Aliens? You and your team were chosen as the best specialists in their respective fields for the “launch on need” mission. Your goal is to check the status on board the ISS and to re-establish communication with Earth. But are you even safe aboard the space station?”

Game experience: GOOD
Attached to your seat, you are sent to orbit! This game offers a quite realistic recreation of a space station environment, with a great attention to details. Quite generous, the game offers you 70 minutes and even a small memory present to take home at the end!
Immersion Puzzles Hosting
4,0 stars 4,0 stars 4,5 stars
A convincing recreation of a space station environment with quite a lot of interesting details (ask your gamemaster after the game to tell you more!).

A fitting musical immersion in the latest stages of the room.

A first room that does not approach the grandiosity of a space take-off.

A first room with special puzzles for each member of the team.

A game structure that adapts to the size of the team, a rarity!

A generous 70 minutes-length.

Several somewhat classical puzzles.

Some process puzzles were a tad repetitive to solve.

A friendly and very involved owner.

A careful gamemastering with timely advices adapted to your progression.

A small memory given at the end of your adventure.

Difficulty: Although several puzzles take some time so solve, they are overall relatively easy, so I think it would be perfect for a group of beginners, or for a small group of enthusiasts. The fastest escape at the time when I played the room had been 35 minutes.

Performance: I played this room on my own and escaped in 68’31’’ out of 70. I received 3-4 small clues that avoided me to lose time, and the gamemaster came to help me perform a manipulation that was a bit tricky to do alone.

Elsewhere in the escape galaxy: I haven’t played so many space-themed rooms, so this one is an interesting rarity. If you enjoy this kind of atmosphere, you should also love La Pièce Odyssey in Paris (France) and Spaceship Graveyard in Montreal (Canada).

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Game tested in September 2019 (Image: Pixabay; introduction text: One Hour Left)

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